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Marty Ashby - ConsultantMarty Ashby - ConsultantMarty Ashby - Consultant
artistic direction
Full jazz concert series programming, coordinated block-booking opportunities, curated one-time-only events, with youth jazz education, audience development and outreach projects all encapsulated in one person – your artistic director consultant. Marty’s presenting expertise comes from over 25 years and over $20M worth of jazz activities and programming.

Marty has provided artist direction to:
Cleveland Orchestra
Music At Gretna
Boys Choir Of Harlem
Musical Instrument Museum
What People Are Saying About Marty Ashby Artistic Director:

"For the inaugural season of MIM Music Theater, we asked Marty to serve as our jazz program consultant. We did so based on his wealth of knowledge, proven track record, and more than 25 years of relationships with the top names in the field."
- Bill DeWalt, President and Director, Musical Instrument Museum

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